Thursday, April 30, 2015

Giant Pacific Octopus

Giant Pacific octopuses are the largest octopus breed and live longer than any other type of octopus. Their height is up to 16 feet, their weight from 22 to 110 lbs, and their lifespan anywhere form 3 to 5 years. They have giant, bulbous heads and, while they camouflage like op most octopuses, are generally reddish-brown. Newborn octopuses are small enough to be classified under plankton, so their food must be equally small. They feed mostly on copepods and seas tars and crabs in the larvae stage. Hunting at night, adults primarily eat shrimp, fish, lobsters, and clams, though they have been known to attack sharks and birds. As for predators, many larval octopuses are lost to most any animal larger than it. Only the largest fishes and marine mammals pose a threat to adults. Humans are actually the biggest predators to the Giant Pacific Octopus, catching them for food, bait,mot to out in aquariums. territory is mainly in the waters of the Pacific; from Southern California to Alaska and west from Aleutian Islands to Japan. A fact not known to many, their apes sages are called "arms" not "tentacles".

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