Sunday, March 27, 2016

Why do people like memes?

Memes are part of the fantastical place called the internet whether its to grab attention to roasting others, memes have been part in our lifestyle for a while now. Why in the world do people like memes? Some scientists researched it and came up conclusions and the best one they came up with so far is people get bored but we illegal meme users really know what its about. Its about our genetics telling us to socialize and have fun with people we don't know on the internet. Here are some memes to make your day fantastic and wonderful. photo cred

Why are cats scared of Cucumbers?

Cats are curious creatures that like to explore, but why are they scared of cucumbers? Scientists have been wondering also so they came up with the idea that they are scared of anything that they don't understand like a vacuum cleaner. They also think it has to do with them being solitary animals which will probably freak you out if you turned after eating raw meat like a savage in the willderness and saw a giant cucumber wantimg to eat you.

Friday, March 4, 2016

buoyancy levels

 In this video I test the buoyancy levels of vinegar, Karo syrup, and honey all mixed                           with water. When I tested the honey it was about an inch high from the bottom of                               the bottle. After the honey I tested the vinegar and it had the same buoyancy level.
 And after I tested the vinegar I tested the Karo syrup  and had the highest buoyancy
 level it was about 2 inches high from the bottom of the battle. I put them in 1st 2nd                             and 3rd place Karo syrup in 1st, Honey in 2nd, and Vinegar in 3rd. please enjoy the
 motion picture I've put together for you.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Why do we cry? Three different types of tears


       The video here explains why we cry, when we're crying, and what causes us to cry all three                  different types of tears. Basal tears are the first cry you are always crying basal tears they are not        noticeable and they keep your eyes moist. Reflex tears are your second tear and you only cry              reflex tears when you cut an onion open because of the chemicals it gives off one for example is
       amino acid sulfoxide. Your third tear is emotional tears you only cry emotional tears when you            experience something sad like the loss of a family member.