Thursday, April 7, 2016

Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

Have you ever seen a cat in a box or a photo of one and wondered why they like boxes so much? Well.. possibly not. But a few people have, and I am one of those few. The answer is rather simple: when a cat is in a box that is bigger and taller than it, it can stalk prey without being suspected, and it can hide from predators. For a cat, being in a box can relieve stress, especially when they've just moved somewhere new. Why would being in a box relieve a cat's stress? Well, say that a cat has just been brought to an animal shelter. It will most likely be very anxious and agitated. If there are other cats in the same area as it, then it will probably want to be alone. If there is a box, then it can climb into the box, curl up, and be able to get a hold of itself without having to worry about predators or territory until it has calmed.