Thursday, May 5, 2016


Birds are amazing winged animals that have very intricate designs. Many birds that are kept as pets prefer to have a "friend', so that it doesn't get lonely while its owner is away. Hummingbirds lay the smallest eggs. Ostriches lay the largest. Penguins are the only birds that swim but don't fly. They are also the only birds that walk upright.
Owls can turn their heads almost 360 degrees, but they cannot move their eyes. Birds' eyes take up about 50% of their head. Humans' eyes take up about 5% of our head. Males usually have the prettier coloring, better feather shapes, and more beautiful songs to attract mates.
The first bird domesticated by a human being was the goose. Birds eat twice their weight each day. So when people say "you eat like a bird", it usually isn't the truth. Chickens that lay brown eggs have red earlobes. Mockingbirds can imitate naturally-parrots have to be taught to do so. Though mockingbirds can't talk like parrots can learn to, they can mimic many different sounds.  Info Credit