Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Honey Badger - The most fearless creature in the world.

The Honey badger 

The most fascinating thing about the Honey badger is that is most fearless creature in the world, and it has reasons to be fearless.The honey bagder has thick, rubbery skin about 1/4 inches thick. The skin is so tough that arrows and spears are impervious to it. The honey badger can even take a strike from a machete without cutting the skin all the way through. The honey badger has been none to attack cobras and venomous snakes and known to live after being bit, they only pass out after being bit. No one really knows why the honey badger is able to resist venom. but scientist believe that the honey badger has some sort of chemical in their body that helps them be immune to the snakes venom. The honey badger has been known to crawl into bee hives and steal their honey while getting stung. In conclusion the honey badger has really no fear, and will do what it must to survive.